Got that hollow feeling in your chest as all your assignments are handed in? Need something to keep you occupied over the holidays? Entries for the Inaugural Dactyl Awards are open now! 

The Dactyl award is a open to short prose fiction between 800 and 100 words, and poetry submissions no more than one A4 page long, touching on the themes of Identity and Ambition. 

Three winners will be selected; first place will be featured in the semester two, week one physical issue of METIOR, and receive a $20 voucher for the Tav. Two runners up will be featured on the METIOR website and receive $10 vouchers for the Tav. 

Submissions close on the 23rd of June.

Entries can be sent to


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Do you delight in shrieking your opinions into the void? Want everyone on campus to know what you think? Twitter not satisfying your ego anymore? We all know my Winnie the Pooh/Harry Potter slash fiction has more chance at getting published in the New York Times than your submission to Confessions at Murdoch, so why not write for someone with incredibly low standards?

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