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Interview by Ben Combes

Interview by Ben Combes

At First Site - With Ball Park Music

Ben Combes interviews internationally recognised band Ball Park Music in preparation for their ‘At First Sight’ Performance.

Written by Alex Szabadics

Written by Alex Szabadics


“At age 11, Elliot was abducted from his family. Now 5 years after being declared missing, he has returned and now must come to terms with the adjustments he and his family must make in order to reconnect with his place in this world.”

Written by Brandon Day

Written by Brandon Day

A Grim Tale of job searching: SHort story

My eyes finally opened, what I wanted to say was, "What the fuck are you doing in my house?" Instead I let out a little scream, the kind that comes out from being startled. The voice spoke, "Um, sir, are you feeling well?"


will your point of view stand up to scrutiny?

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live your least embarrassing life now


Write for METIOR!

Do you delight in shrieking your opinions into the void? Want everyone on campus to know what you think? Twitter not satisfying your ego anymore? We all know my Winnie the Pooh/Harry Potter slash fiction has more chance at getting published in the New York Times than your submission to Confessions at Murdoch, so why not write for someone with incredibly low standards?

Send your submissions to metior@murdochguildstudents.com.au


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