[Review] Meal Tickets

By Raviv Mezhubovski


Meal Tickets is a documentary directed by Mat de Koning which explores the journey of a Western Australian rock band called Screwtop Detonators and later on another band called Will Stoker & The Embers, both whom are trying to break into the music industry. It shows the trials, adventures, struggles and difficulties that comes with being in a rock band and the music industry. This documentary was filmed over 10 years.

This film was amazing. It had different emotional moments, from happiness to sadness to uncertainty. It makes you want to watch how the band evolves through time and it hits you with sadness when you discover that they have not made it big. The characters were great and were constantly developing and growing when adversities popped up, bringing a sense of suspense that had you ask yourself the important film question of “What will happen next?” The story lines helped make the plot and story relatable and interesting.

On my first viewing of the film during Revelation Film Festival, I found the narrative confusing and lacked direction. However, after rewatching it yesterday, I was wrong; De Koning’s narration helps tell the story when the video shows the story of the two bands. It was a unique ride from beginning to end, and I enjoyed every moment of it. This film is very useful not just for aspiring and current musicians, but also to any one who want to be a part of the entertainment business. Must watch! 10/10