Ariana’s Guide to Student Theatre Pt. 2

By Ariana Rose

This year at Murdoch University, the theatre scene started off strong with productions showcased in the 2016 Fringe Festival during February. At Nexus Theatre: ‘Thaw: A Science Fiction Play’ was presented by Thought Jar Productions, written and directed by Stephen B. Platt. At Studio 411: ‘Roommates Live from apartment 19’ was presented by Top and Tail Theatre, written by Sean Wcislo and directed by Nick Morant. Sincerely Yours: A New Musical presented by Stray Cats Theatre Company, was written by Jason Arrow and Kohan van Sambeeck. Plus, ‘ROPE’ which was presented by Presidential Productions in Studio 411.

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Theatre Companies at Murdoch University have presented four productions so far this year. ‘Roommates live from Apartment 19’ was presented by Top and Tail Theatre on February 18th-20th. ‘Titus Andronicus’ was presented by the Postgraduate Performance Group and directed by Jenny De Reuck with shows from February 25th-27th. ‘Boise, Idaho’ was performed from March 31st– April 2nd, it was presented by Black Martini Theatre, written by Sean Michael Welch and directed by Luke Gratton. ‘Punk Rock’ was performed April 28th-30th, it was presented by Murdoch Theatre Company, directed by Tay Broadley, co-directed by Justin Crossley and Assistant Directed by Katie Southwell.

De Reuck is a lecturer for English and Theatre & a director/designer at Murdoch University. She’ll be directing another show this year starting on November 24th.

I personally was only able to see Roommates live and Boise, Idaho this semester. ‘Roommates live from Apartment 19’ was brilliantly written by Wcislo with dozens of breath-taking funny moments, rampant chaos and a spontaneous love triangle. In this Britishsque comedy, the actors in Roommates fabulously portrayed both whimsical and lovable characters.

‘Boise, Idaho’ was very amusing and it ingeniously explored an original idea, of when reality becomes fictitious and the truth escapes from the clutches of life’s ‘hidden’ narrator. The cast was amazing in performing this play full of witty and sharp dialogue, I just wish it had been slightly longer though.

Roommates live from Apartment 19:

Boise, Idaho:

Murdoch Theatre Companies: Productions

Theatre Production Units (3 productions this year, not including monologue nights)

Murdoch University PHD candidates (3 productions, one in August 18-20, two in September 15-17, 22-24)


From the Hip Productions (‘The Gothics: The Mummy Rises’, on July 14th-17th this year)

From the Hip Productions was founded by Tim Brain in 1995. From the Hip Productions aims to foster artistic vision, innovation and design in the realm of theatre. Tim Brain works alongside John King (Second Chance Theatre) behind the scenes at Nexus Theatre (Lighting, Sound & Stage Management). Through rain or illness, they are devoutly devoted to training the next generation of theatre technicians, designers and directors.  Their encouragement and support has greatly contributed to keeping theatre at Murdoch University going for the last, nearly twenty years…

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At Murdoch University, there are several theatre companies established as Guild Societies:

 Black Martini Theatre (5 productions this year)

 Black Martini Theatre was founded in 2014 by Artistic genius and director, Thomas Dimmick. Black Martini is kept running by the dedicated and innovative club president, Jess Serio. Black Martini Theatre offers golden opportunities for emerging actors, Playwrights, stage managers and designers. The last couple years have brought a list of tastefully chosen plays which showcased that talent and ability of these emerging artists in Western Australia. Black Martini Theatre presents a variety of amazing and artistically sophisticated shows each year and will ‘set the stage’ with performances that catch the intrigue of theatre goers at Murdoch University for the coming years.



Top and Tail Theatre Company (3 productions this year)

Top and Tail Theatre was founded on June 14th 2015, through the collaboration of Nick Morant and Ryan Partridge. Their love for all things British has resulted in the company which aims to preserve British style and comedy through producing quality theatre performances throughout the year. They aspire to pursue combining theatre styles with British elements and a might touch the whimsical. (in the process…) It’s very difficult NOT to enjoy everything British: (in any form or matter if I do say so myself!) British accents, British men, British Tea, British humour and styled coats & cravats…. Both the extensive history and elegant artistic style that Britain has to offer and stories of extraordinary people might find their way into Top and Tail Theatre productions.

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Murdoch Theatre Company (3 productions this year)

Murdoch Theatre Company was founded in 2010 and is run by the students of Murdoch. Murdoch Theatre Company provides people passionate about theatre (even people not studying theatre) with opportunities to produce theatre. From producing a classic play to one newly written, this company encourages everyone to join them in transforming words on the page to enthralling performances on stage. Be they actors or interested in the meticulously development of backstage design or directing, they’ll offer their support and keep you up to date on upcoming productions & auditions in their company. For those who wish to direct or have an original script ideas, they’ll get you connected and give you guidance to make your theatre aspirations become a reality.

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   Second Chance Theatre (1 production- The Gothics:  Frankenstein, July 21-23)

Second Chance Theatre was founded in 2011 is the result of Scott McArdle’s vision in salvaging the Performing Arts in Perth and producing original plays. Second Chance Theatre offers actors and writers, either studying or graduated, to work together in creating and producing plays that are both entertaining and thought provoking. Scott McArdle is a ‘jack of all trades’ as he’s a writer, director AND an actor. McArdle has been described by METIOR’s former editor, Madura McCormack as ‘Murdoch’s rising theatre star’. He has directed, written and acted in dozens of plays at Nexus Theatre, The Blue Room and for Arts Festivals. With shows such as ‘Coincidences at the End of Time’ and ‘Between Solar Systems’, he’s taking over Murdoch Theatre by storm… (a storm of gothic and science fiction plays)

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