Circle- Theatre Review

By Ariana Rose

Five friends plan together to take a road trip despite it being quite difficult since they have different schedules. Having been friends since High school, they’ve continued to keep in touch even though they no longer hang out like they did back in High school. Several events that happened in the flashbacks were relatable. Hanging out with friends playing video games, watching tv, going to parties, seeing movies or just chilling.

The script was well written and the circumstances of the events had very concise timing.
The dialogue was clever and often humourous. Sean Wcislo’s writing style has developed exponentially since Roommates live which was produced in . There was a fascinating twist to the genre of tragicomedy in Circle, beginning in the end. The play catered towards high school and university styled issues and themes. The events were enriched by the common history between the friends. Their friendship became very realistic through the various flashbacks and believable for the audience.

On stage the set was minimal, a couch and camping gear. The set was used very effectively. Projected on the screen, was a date, 13/05/2016 for the flashbacks it changed several times during the play. The actors and technicians did well with creating smooth transitions between flashbacks. They made them obvious by using the couch on the left (right stage). The sound and lighting were suitably designed and complemented the play’s action brilliantly.

The play was about friends and being challenged by life but still supporting each other. It was very funny, but near the end it was touching and somewhat sombre. It’s worth watching as people might find that it can be quite cathartic. Please be aware of strong language and supposed alcohol consumption.

Highly recommended, Rating 7/10

Circle is still showing tonight and Saturday at 7pm 29th, 30th July, Studio 411 is located on South Street, Murdoch University campus. Carpark 4 is the best place for parking.

Play- Circle
Presented by Modicum Theatre Perth Inc. Written by Sean Wcislo and directed by Leigh Fitzpatrick, Photography by Beck Thorman

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