Murdoch Theatre in July

By Ariana Rose

Next month, a trilogy of horror plays will be performed at the Nexus Theatre. The Gothics Project has been a great undertaking for Nexus Theatre, Murdoch Theatre Company, From The Hip Productions and Second Chance Theatre. The directors, John King, Tim Brain and Scott McArdle, have been developing the project from the initial vision they had. Each have dedicated time, effort and money towards making the Gothics project a reality. The lighting, set design, costuming and special effects are top notch and will give the plays a ‘gothic feel’. One set is being shared by the three companies in their technically driven productions. This dynamic two-level set  will take the audience from Castle Dracula, London, Egypt and to the Arctic sea, through the use of stylistic changes to adapt each setting.

The first production, Dracula has begun setting up in the theatre with assembling started on the 27th of June.

Check out the FB event links below for more details on this month’s theatre productions.

Play #1: Dracula
Showings: Thursday July 7th to Saturday July 9th @ 7:30pm
Director: John King
Theatre Company: Murdoch Theatre Company
Script:  This stage play adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel was written by Hamilton Deane and revised by John L. Balderstone in 1927 at Broadway for an American audience. (Samuel French)
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Horror
Cast/Crew: 11 actor cast

Play #2: The Mummy Rises
The Mummy Rises was written by Tim Brain and is derived from the original 1999 film starring Brendan Fraser. The humour of Abbott and Costello tackles the haunting of an Egyptian mummy after it arrives at the British museum in London 1890. The play blends  comedy and horror in a brilliant balance made for the stage. The Victorian era language is made more accessible through Tim Brain’s writing. The script takes on a feminist angle with Clare Waldren as a female heroine who rescues the men. Christie Struass performs as Clare Waldren and Andrew David takes the role of Alfie Bray.
Showings: July 14-16th 7:30pm, plus a matinee @2pm on Saturday July 16th
Director: Tim Brain
Theatre Company: From The Hip Productions
Script: Original script written by Tim Brain, specifically commissioned for this project.
Genre: Comedy Thriller
Cast/Crew: 10 actor cast

Play #3: Frankenstein
Showings: Thursday July 21st until Saturday 23rd @ 7:30pm (doors open 7pm)
Director: Scott McArdle
Theatre Company: Second Chance Theatre
Script: This adaptation written by Scott McArdle revitalises Mark Shelley’s classic novel
Genre: Horror, Romance
Cast/Crew: 20 actor cast

Reviews will be coming for all three plays so check out the links below if you are interested in getting tickets.

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