[Review] A Mind Transcendent

By Zenna Newman-Santos


A Mind Transcendent is a thrilling science fiction piece written by Jordan Baynes and directed by Justin Mosel-Crossley that challenges the strength of human determination and questions the purpose of societal morality. Running from the 12-14th of July, don't miss it at Studio 411.

With language and plot reminiscent of a young adult dystopian novel, Baynes weaves the story of Ethan (Domenic Scriva), Summer (Tiarn Hutton) and Soren (Kamara Churchill) working their way through a series of tests to try and join The Judgement League. They are monitored and facilitated by a series of android units (Tijana Simich, Nashy MZ and Sarah Papadoulis) and watched over by the ominous, ever present leaders of The Judgement League: G (Nicolletta De Gennaro), U (Oscar Sheil) and M (Harrison Mitchell). While this is developing, another leader, L (Michael Surjan), is carrying out a secret task of his own.


Wonderful set design and construction by Julia Parks means that only a handful of set pieces make the space in Studio 411 feel full, but not crowded. The set is so well complimented by the costumes designed by Cody Lam and the design by first time lighting designer, Ella Ewart. The mood is perfectly set the whole way through thanks to the score by Aiden Willoughby and sound design by Claire Mosel-Crossley.

Overall, A Mind Transcendent has shaped up to be a compelling show with gripping performances throughout the cast. Stand out performances come from Kamara Churchill and Sarah Papadoulis. Churchill brings a genuine quality to an earnest character, where Papadoulis is chilling as a character of questionable morality.

To learn more and purchase tickets, head to https://www.facebook.com/handinhandtheatreco/

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