[Review] Treasure Island

By Thomas Wendt

Photo Credit to Perfectly Picturesque Photography

Photo Credit to Perfectly Picturesque Photography

“Treasure Island” is a musical pantomime written by Michael Ogborn and Kathryn Petersen, based off of the classic by Robert Louis Stevenson.

The two-act performance, presented by Murdoch Theatre Company, is being performed in Nexus Theatre from the 5th to the 7th of July at 7pm, with a matinee at 2pm on the 7th.

Jamie Hawkins (Ainsley Marr), with the help of Doctor Livesee (Julia Parks) and Squire Treelawnee (Maximiliano Laffont) embark on a journey to find Billy Bones’ treasure. Joining them is Squire’s daughter, Miss Evelyn Treelawnee (Rosalie Schneider) and Captain Smilenot (Zenna Newman-Santos) leading the voyage, along with his crew of pirates, Ezekial Machete Scabbs (Evie MacPherson), Tinnitus Tom the Terrible (Sean Wcislo), Israel Chopped Hand (Maggie Cope-Thomas), and Boyscout Devil Dan (Phoebe Dingli), along with their leader, Long John Silver (Vasco Jansen), and his sidekick Polly the Parrot (Injeong Hwang), along with their stowaway, Mother Hawkins (Max Conroy), and joined by the island native Mama Kura (Melissa Munoz Escobar).

The whole cast were beautiful, and played off each other very well, creating some fantastic comedy and wonderful songs that I couldn’t get out of my head.

Director Nic Doig and Musical Director Stephanie Beckham did a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life, creating some fantastic physical comedy and great characterisation that brings the audience into the world. Musical accompaniment by James Jury filled the air and brought a wonderful atmosphere for the songs. Costumes and Makeup, designed by Cassie Power and Natasha Harris, were colourful and fun, and perfect

The production was produced by Chelsea Johnson, Luke Gratton, and Aaron Hamilton, and the stage was managed by Rhiannon Moon, assisted by Shannen Moulton.

The set is beautiful, built by James Norton and Suzie Spencer, a rugged ship with a thrusted bow into the audience for the first act, and an island scenescape for the second. The lighting and sound, designed by Tijana Simich, assisted by Elizabeth Hamilton, and Jordan Baynes respectfully, and sound operated by Harsh Parmar, complemented the space and provided some beautifully comedic moments.

All in all, a fantastic performance for the whole family to enjoy, filled with colourful characters and terrific tunes to keep you engaged for a wonderful night of entertainment.

If you would like to know more head to https://www.facebook.com/MurdochTheatreCompany/, and if you would like to buy tickets, head over to https://www.trybooking.com/WKDP.

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