Kristian Pisano on Campus Debate

I feel compelled to also reply to this story with regards to the ANZAC comments. 

The article appears to suggest that I took offence simply because of the misuse of the word ‘celebrate’, when there was actually more to it than that. 

I acknowledge that Tom most probably used the word ‘celebrate’ in the context of remembrance, and that in particular sense his word selection was unintended.

However, the story does not also mention that I was directly asked/challenged on whether or not I even ‘celebrate’ (or acknowledge) the day, and then following on from that my earlier comments which were not even about ANZAC Day, were described as deplorable. So it was not simply a case of me being pedantic about using the word ‘celebrate’. Rather, I thought the suggestion that was clearly being made of me was unfair, particularly in light of the fact I have an ancestor buried at Gallipoli. 

Anyway, I don’t have any hard feelings and a bit of argy bargy makes for a more interesting debate. I look forward to seeing the next one.

-    Kristian Pisano

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