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METIOR is built for students, by students and relies on the generous contributions of Murdoch University students and alumni. No deadlines, no pressure, no limits. But we need content and we need you!


Contributing FAQ

What content does METIOR accept?

Anything. METIOR will give anything a go. We have gigabytes of space to store images, audio, video and text. We’ll post short films, music, rants, creative stories, diaries, podcasts, opinion pieces, news reports, interviews, artwork, comics, whatever you can dream up.

METIOR believes in free speech and has a history of controversy. So long as you remain within policy, and the goodwill of the editor, you will be published. Just expect to be held responsible for what you say. Contributions can be made anonymous at the discretion of the editor.

What’s in it for me?


Lots of people dream about all the wonderful creative things they’re going to do. Often these dreams remain unfulfilled from lack of trying. Don’t be a dreamer, be a doer and start creating content. Don’t be a perfectionist, what you produce now won’t be as good as what you make later in life but you’ll never get better without trying. METIOR is proudly unvarnished, undergraduate and unprofessional; consider us the training ground for future excellence.


When METIOR was founded in 1975, it was pretty hard for students to get their voice out. 40+ years later, every kid and their pet has a tumblr, vine, youtube and podcast of their own. But how do you get noticed? You share your work with METIOR and showcase it to the Murdoch community. METIOR is happy to be your portfolio builder and link back to your own online home to build your local audience.


Contributing to METIOR is proven to build deep contentment within the soul. The feeling of creating something and sharing it with community is one thing, but when your creation actively builds on the history of an institution it is a deeply satisfying experience. METIOR contributors have also been proven to have more exhilarating, longer last sex!