Brave New Girls

By Michael Wood

A male university student in 2018 writes the sentence “When a doctor first assesses a patient he must…” and receives feedback from their tutor that they should use non-gendered pronouns; a female high school student in 1984 writes “I’d like to become chairman of an international corporation,” and is told that she cannot, because it says “Man” right there in the word. Which of these scenarios sounds more like language being used to limit one’s self-expression?

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Political Correctness Scares Me. Does It Scare You?

By Kyle Williams

The term political correctness also came in use in the US Communist Party in the 1930s and 1940s, where it described the proper words to be used and positions to be held by party members. From its inception, political correctness was not about respect, but rather conformity to the orthodoxies of explicitly totalitarian ideologies.

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