Guess who’s back

By Madura McCormack

The newsstands lay empty and the Facebook page hasn’t been updated in months. Where has METIOR gone?

Heads up kids, we’re still here, but things have changed and we have some explaining to do.

Firstly, the METIOR Magazine you know and love no longer exists. After some hard discussion with members of The Guild, it has been decided that it is time for METIOR to make the switch to online.

In the space of that decision and now, METIOR has not been effectively communicating those changes to you, our readers, and for that I sincerely apologise.

Big things are coming

 With the confines of print removed, there is more space to float ideas and create a publication that properly addresses the interests and curiosities of the Murdoch population.

Which brings us here, to the Official METIOR Magazine website. You will notice that while it may not look very pretty yet, the tabs above illustrate what the new and revitalised METIOR aims to say.

We want to cover everything from student politics, art & culture, research, photography and more. In due time we also plan to take advantage of the possibilities of video packages, short films and sound.

But we cannot do this without your voice, your views and your ideas. The magazine strives to be the platform for Murdoch students to make their creativity and talent known. And if you want to be a part of the team that helps push METIOR to its full potential, please get in touch


On another note, you also deserve to know who is behind METIOR, the latest developments behind the magazine and what we plan to do next. For that, head here, where I’ve explained all that.

That’s it for now folks. Tell your friends, your parents and your pet, because METIOR is back up and kicking and this time it’s not backing down. We’re back, for good.

METIOR is published by the students of Murdoch University, under the governance of the Murdoch University Guild of Students. Content should not be regarded as the opinion of the Guild unless specifically stated. The Guild accepts no responsibility of for the accuracy of any of the opinions or information contained within the magazine.

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