President Notes

Hey Ya’ll. Welcome to 2011.

I’m Brodie, the 2011 Murdoch University Guild President. This year is going to be huge for The Guild (but everyone says that) with stuff like the new Student Services Fees; the appointment of a new Vice Chancellor; refurbishment of a number of Guild Outlets and a brand spanking new Club Handbook.

We’ve already undergone some pretty big changes, and we’re off and racing for the year. We’ve a heap of seriously awesome plans for 2011, and we’ll be launching a brand new initiative for Clubs in semester one, along with an even more exciting project planned for semester two (but I’m not telling you about that yet, it’s a secret…).

Because we’re planning on having a cracker of a year, I’m going to give you a quick summary of 2011 so far, and some things to look out for later this semester


  • Redevelopment of the Zone Fitness Centre, with all new equip- ment and flooring – Done.
  • Updating and upgrading The Guild’s website (along with a spiffy new iPhone site) – Done.
  • Easier membership signup – Done.
  • Updating Walters Café menus (including Vegan & Gluten Free) – Done.
  • Redesigning The Guild’s logo, colour scheme and style guide – Done.
  • Free Internet across campus – Who could ask for more?
  • Guild Orientation Festival – If you missed it, you missed out – Awesome!


  • Club Handbook & Carnival 2011 – Thursday March 10! Check this one out from 10am – 2pm for all your information about Clubs this year. Make sure you pick up the Handbook for a heap of extra information about events!
  • Redesigning the Sports Centre – Finished Late April.
  • Student Common Facilities – currently being set up (This one is running late, Sorry!)
  • Movies Under the Stars – Later in the semester.
  • Fringe Festival 2011 – Semester Two. Totally get into it.

That’s only the start, there’s a heap more planned for later in the year. Make sure you keep reading your G News (that’s new too!) and the Metior to be in touch with everything that The Guild’s doing across the campus.

Sweet Times!


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