Prez Sez

By Roland Belford

And so we close the curtain on another year at uni. You’ll be happy to know that the experience as Guild President is also as hectic and overwhelming towards the end of semester as study is. I imagined it would be winding down by now but now I have to produce all this evidence of doing work, organise all my files and help ease my successor Raeesah Khan into the role. It really has been an honour representing Murdoch students all year and I encourage everyone reading to get involved with their university life as much as they can, be it volunteering with events, contributing to Metior or serving on a club committee there are lots of ways to get involved. My path to Guild Presidency all started with signing up to play hockey. We don’t even have a hockey club on campus anymore, maybe I’ll try and get that going next year before I eventually graduate.

I’m just rambling but this is my last chance to drop all these feels.

A lot of people see university as this one final obstacle they have to overcome before their life truly begins. People constantly ask me “why haven’t you finished yet?” As though I’m holding them back as well. That’s the wrong approach. University is as much a part of your life as any other part of it and if we embrace that, and aim to contribute as much as we can we’ll all have a better experience for it. This campus has never been worse off for a students involvement in it.

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