Tune In

By Madura McCormack

“Murdoch is changing into something. It’s starting to glue together and we just need that one more thing that says, ‘this is us’.”

That thing, according to Rabee Brian Daya, is a collective outlet that can project the voice of Murdoch University. This outlet will soon be known as Radio Murdoch.

Started by Brian and a handful of other radio and sound students, the idea developed from more than just a shared passion for radio, but to stretch their prowess and grow their knowledge base.

Following a broadcasting stint as part of a Radio Producing and Presenting unit (MCC244), those involved in Radio Murdoch found themselves thirsty for more.

“We built a show, we were broadcasting on community radio, and the unit ended so suddenly we had these skills but no chance to use them,” says Andrew Joseph, one of the founding members.

Essentially, they found themselves without a place to channel their fervour for radio. So they moved to create their own.

Listen up

The idea intensified and has now morphed into more than just the ‘Radio and Sound Club’ that started it off; Radio Murdoch wants to be the voice of the student body and aims to do that by getting everyone involved.

“All good things come with groups of like-minded people getting together,” says Brian, noting that the station is for all students, regardless of faculty.

Currently, plans are being hoisted off the ground so broadcasting can hopefully begin when Orientation Week rolls around. Radio Murdoch intends to infiltrate the airwaves from Mondays to Fridays, 12pm till 6pm.

Expect a medley of contrasting and differing shows, with the boys stating that students will have a high degree of creative freedom.

The programs will cater to all sorts of genres and not just a niche audience says Andrew, using Curtin University’s radio station as an example. Curtin Radio caters mainly to musical tastes that favour the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s according to the station’s website.

Because of this, the boys say they are wide open to working closely with the other clubs on campus. “We want to provide them with a voice,” says Brian. He describes the possibilities of working with the kids from Kulbardi, the Queer Collective and the Music Club with contagious zeal.

According to the boys, Radio Murdoch has already percolated the interests of students who aren’t doing media related courses. Impressively, they’ve already worked out how to effectively integrate their green recruits.

Sophistication and structure 

The club’s Education Manager will guide those who come on board without any prior radio training; a student with advanced radio knowledge that is able to teach them the ropes. This would involve workshops on how to use radio equipment, scripting, speech and even ethics.

Different programs will be run by separate groups of approximately 3 to 5 students, with each group having at least one person who has done MCC244 Radio Presenting and Producing. Apart from making it easier to obtain essential equipment and facilities, this also ensures Radio Murdoch stays within the highest ethical standards.

Every 2 hour program slot will have, at all times, an executive producer monitoring and listening to the broadcast like in a professional radio establishment. “We know better than to defame anyone,” Brian says.

The planning, structure and organization involved in Radio Murdoch is staggering and demonstrates a level of finesse not seen in your typical Murdoch University club or interest group.

“The back end [of radio] is quite a big thing; there are lots of people involved, presenters, producers, and also preparation leading up towards the show,” remarked Andrew.

For the immediate future, the boys have planned a fundraising event in Week 3 of this semester and arrangements are also being made to broadcast over the University’s PA system during lunchtime at the weekly Guild Market Daze.

Long-term, the crew hopes to obtain and maintain a radio frequency. For now Radio Murdoch will be based off an Internet live stream, which is cheaper. In 5 to 6 years, Brian hopes the station would have taken off and become comparable to the strength of once-upon-a-time UWA owned RTRFM.

“We have some big ideas. We are confident,” says Andrew.

Radio Murdoch has a monthly member’s mixer and regular meetings. For more information contact the club at radio.sound@hotmail.com or via Facebook

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