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Ball Park Music – Dean Hanson

Interviewer: Ben Combes

Ball Park Music are performing on the 2nd of June, supported by a number of other popular musicians at Metropolis and Newport in Fremantle. Student Ben Combes was recently invited to interview the band, sharing some insights into how they got where they are today.

Where was the very first gig you guys got?

The first gig we ever played was at Brisbane venue The Zoo and we had absolutely no idea that we could possibly continue playing gigs for the next 10 years. 

Was there a time you played together and really clicked or did you just progress over time?

We obviously started out a bit sheepish and timid but eventually everyone’s little quirks and expressions started to show. I think we were able to identify everyone’s strengths pretty early and just continued to push those and luckily, when they’re all thrown in a pot they seem to make good results.

Who were your biggest influences growing up?

We all loved an incredibly large array of bands and artists. The Beatles are an obviously big influence, as are Radiohead. From there we span into metal, hip-hop, commercial pop, jazz and everywhere in between. 

What’s the worst experience at a gig you’ve had?

We played to six people in Ballarat (including the bar staff and sound guy) early in our career. It was freezing cold and one of the more depressing moments in an otherwise pretty great career. Luckily we’ve played some great gigs in Ballarat since.

Do you think you owe MySpace for making you change your name to Ball Park Music?

We owe everything to MySpace. In all seriousness, probably not haha, I think it was just a happy accident that we even called our band Ball Park Music at our first gig all that time ago and like I said above, we probably never thought we’d continue playing as a band much after that but here we are.

Does everyone write music or just Sam?

All of us write music. Sam is definitely the primary songwriter in the group and of course most of our career was launched off the back of his particular style. Over the years we’ve all learned to be more confident with writing and everyone is responsible now for some great writing moments throughout our back catalogue.

Are you keen for your Metropolis debut in June?

Can’t wait to get back to WA! We’ve actually played Metropolis a few years ago and it was a great show! Very excited to be back.

You guys have had a pretty consistent 2 years between albums, are we going to have to wait until 2020 for our next album to bite into?

Not 100% sure but we’re hoping to have some new music out sometime in 2019.

What has been your most fun concert so far?

Brisbane Riverstage last September was one for the ages. A huge hometown show for us in front of 6,000 people was a career highlight. 

Any advice to budding bands/songwriters?

Keep creating and keep trying hard. You’ll never be remembered by the things you didn’t share.

Sam what the hell did you do to your converses in 2012?

This is Dean speaking, not Sam, but it’s taken me seven years and I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it so I don’t like your chances.

If you could see one concert from the past, what would it be?

The Beatles, anywhere.

Do you think Bernard Fanning would be mad at you for singing my happiness better than him?

I don’t know about that, Bernard is an absolute legend of the stage and still one of the most recognised voices in Aus. music history. I don’t think anyone could do a better job than him.

If you’d like to buy tickets to see Ball Park Music live, along with a bunch of other popular musicians, please follow this link .

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