Bus shelter roofs taken off after collapse

By Caris Horton

Most bus shelters around Murdoch have had their roofs taken off after one collapsed near the Student Village.

On Friday the 13th of May, it was alleged that a Murdoch student and their two friends made a bus shelter collapse after swinging on it.

It is still unknown who the student is or whether they sustained any injuries.

The university is securing an ‘engineer’s report’ on the remaining shelters to ensure the safety of Murdoch students, according to Guy McDonald.

It is also unknown how long the roofs will be off for however METIOR is attempting to contact security to find out more.

“I’ve asked the university to re-open the remaining shelters if the weather turns rainy before the engineer’s report comes back,” says McDonald at a time when the shelters were previously taped up.

With the rainy weather setting in, there is no word yet of whether the roofs will be back in time to protect students from the cold.

If you have any more information about the students involved then please contact metior.editor@student.the-guild.com.au.

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