Overdue Student Hub Finally Open For Use

By Sarah Smit

After four months of delays, the first stage of Murdoch’s new Student Hub has just managed to open in time for O-week.

The Student Hub was originally slated for completion in August 2017 and is a high tech space which replaces and expands the long-closed Refectory.

Staff at the Hub told METIOR that completing the finishing touches was a close run thing; the Hub was handed over to the cleaners at 6am on Monday, allowing it to open just in time for Orientation Week.

When asked if the last minute crunch was a stressful experience, one university staff member said of Richard Kendall, Property Portfolio Manager in Murdoch’s Property, Development and Commercial Services Office; ‘I think he’s gone grey.’

Some Murdoch students are impressed that the long overdue project has been completed at all.

‘I expected a cardboard box there for the rest of my uni career,’ says Shannon Halle.

Eventually the Bush Court level of the Hub will house the convenience store proposed by the Guild, three hot food vendors, and a bubble tea café.

The old Club Murdoch location has been converted to student facilities, including club meeting rooms, Guild offices, and a 20 seat film theatre.

The old Senate building has been gutted and will be Club Murdoch’s new location and a combined Careers Centre and student collaboration space.

Construction will continue on the food stalls and Club Murdoch, while the bubble tea cafe is expected to be open for business in less than a month.

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