Elections postponed due to Student Announcements glitch

by Madura McCormack

UPDATE: Election season will resume on Wednesday September 9, with nominations lasting for 2 weeks until September 23.

Murdoch student elections have been postponed due to a glitch within the Student Announcement Systems.

The Returning Officer is expected to release a statement tomorrow, September 8, detailing when nominations will open again.

Murdoch Student Announcements, which are sent every Tuesday via email, has allegedly been down for almost a month due to a glitch within the Office 365 script.

METIOR understands that while the system did not go down entirely, a majority of students have likely not received a Student Announcements email since the start of semester.

Education Vice President Roland Belford suspected there was a problem last week and the Academic Registrars office has since confirmed this with him.

Under election regulations, students must be notified by email or post that nominations are open. This glitch has forced the entire process to be moved back and the new dates will be released soon.

METIOR is currently seeking comment from the Academic Registrar regarding the email kerfuffle. This story will be updated as new information becomes available.

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