And So It Begins: Guild 2019 Election Nominations Open

 By Sarah Smit

In an email to the student body this morning, the University Secretary, Trudi McGlade has announced the dates for student elections.

Nominations open today and close in 2 weeks’ time, on the 17th of October at 4pm. No campaigning may take place during this time, and names of those who have nominated will not be revealed until nominations close.

campaigning areas.jpg

Campaigning begins on 17th of October at 10.00am and will continue until the last day of voting. According to university regulations, any material that goes up before this time will be removed at the candidate’s expense and the candidate issued a warning.

Campaigning may only take place on bush court, so if you hate elections with a fiery passion, stay away from the area in front of the library for the next few weeks. It is worth noting, however, that every student pays roughly $300 in Student Services and Amenities Fees every year, and half of that funds the Guild. For that reason alone, it’s important to engage with student elections. The people who are voted into office this month will control how most of that money’s spent for the next year, so you don’t want the president to be a dingus.

Voting opens at 12 noon on Monday, October 22nd and closes a week later at noon on the 29th. The results will be announced on the 29th.

This will all be over for in less than a month, so in the meantime keep an eye out for an announcement of the candidates and their policies. May the odds be ever in your favour, the force with you and don’t forget to vote!

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