Guild Parties Under Revision

By Sarah Smit

code red2.png

Last Tuesday evening, the Murdoch Student Guild Council discussed the possibility of diverting funding from the Guild’s end of year Code Red event to the guild ball.

Code Red was a music festival run out of the Guild Tavern in 2017 by the then Guild Council under President Louis Williams.

The Guild hopes to revitalise the reputation of the Guild Ball by possibly using funding from Code Red to subsidise tickets- bringing the price down from last year's figure of $130, with figures as low as $60 being suggested.

Planning for the Guild Ball was previously headed up by Ordinary Guild Councillor Charlene Baniqued, appointed to the position of Events Officer by a council vote at the inaugural council meeting.

The council appointed position of Events Officer has since been enfolded into an Events Committee lead by Guild General Secretary Loic Munso at the behest of the Guild President.

When asked about the decision to scale back the music festival, Mr Mashumba said that Code Red's lack of student engagement in 2017 was a key driver behind the suggestion to redirect funding.

This year the Guild has run a variety of events on Bush Court, including Orientation Week, Festival Day, Stamp Out Stress day, and Clubs and Socs Days.

The Guild Tavern ran the controversial Mexicana party and its better attended counterpart the Beach Party, though, in a departure from the pattern of previous years, there has been no end of Semester party

Plans for end of year events have not been finalised, and Mr Mashumba encourages anyone with feedback to reach out to the guild.

“What element of campus culture do you want? What niche is not being satisfied?” 

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