President Notes

By Brodie Lewis

Halfway through semester. How did that happen?

With one study break down, and another soon upon us, how are you tracking? On top of studies? Behind (I am!)?

The Guild’s had a great start to the year. Thanks to all of you, we’ve had some amazing events, but one I really want to thank you all for is Club Carnivale.

We had over 60 clubs register with us for 2011, and over half of those applied for start-up grants to get the ball rolling. We were completely amazed with both the number and the enthusiasm of these clubs.

But better than that is how many of them were out and about at Club Carnivale and since, with events and activities being launched all over campus – really makes the place feel alive.

I’m super excited about what’s still to come around the place this semester – keep your eyes on G News for more info!

Much Love Brodie Lewis

Metior Magazine