You had the audacity to ask me how I was, but yell over me when I spoke
You had the audacity to tell me things will be okay when your life was going great

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Corner Pocket

By Jesse Johnson

I’ve bitten my fingernails right down, down to you
and I can’t stop moving
Culled all my sulky inclinations
Thought I did, thought I eliminated it/them/I guess
Some things will always feel comfortable

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Since the Darkness


Since the darkness I have been on the wrong side, the listing side of the ship.

There are always new arrivals
who wait with me to watch the moon suck us in.
Balancing, balancing.
Scared of the flick knives of cold Januarys.

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The New Day


I will drown in the new day
as though it, too, were an ocean.
And there’s more than to just say
I will drown in the new day:
I’ll seek beauty, float away

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