My Murdoch moments: An epilogue

By Kashiraj Pandey

It has been some years since I sat here and watched
the world go away, leaving alone many saints or sinners.
I understood that love was conditional, which was
withdrawn when I started to raise my voice.
I came across what it feels like to fail while letting others
to win who were trying hard on their hands and knees.
I underwent through both waters – salty and sweet.
Now I stand up here, my eyes are up there, in the air.
I am able to upswing around with privilege,
crease real emotions, and shape my perspectives.

Yearning for authenticity, I have detailed each trifle note;
without any self-pity, I have tried to reflect
and write what I experienced until at present;
I wish to come across likable humility as
I present this endless thesis; I recount the blessings
incredibly engaging in an autoethnographic form;
engaging my graphic mind in tremendous time intervals,
the present project has reached at my roof;
moving from one space to another, trailing
as I breathe, in a recurring pattern.

Results are momentary; so, I hope to wait for them
while maintaining collective personality;
I am ready to embrace the world and respect people,
clip along the singings of shepherds, a landscape
of rich stories and long labour of love – again and beyond.
When situations are the necessary components of growth,
I hope to help learners not only to contest to pass the tests
but to detest their own life’s punching bags.

I hope to learn many things even without knowing them
I wish to experience the journey of my own soul,
with an essence of compassion, kindness and warmth.
I look forward to find more dots to connect where
learners themselves feel that they belong to stories
and lead their learning to a progressive social change.

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