Have A Coffee With Jake

By Natalie Macdonald

hacwj 2.jpg

Do you like coffee?

That’s a trick question. Of course you do, you’re a uni student, and whether you like the taste of coffee or not, I’m sure we can all agree that caffeine is needed from time to time. Especially with final assessments and exams around the corner, I think there’s more caffeine than actual blood pumping through my veins.

On the topic of coffee, you may have heard of this thing going around campus called “Have a Coffee With Jake”. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably also asking “who is Jake?, and “why would I want to get coffee with him?”.

Well, I shouldn’t need to convince you about getting coffee at this point of the semester, especially if you enjoy the mystery of meeting strangers, then your curiosity should hopefully lead you to book an appointment via the Coffee With Jake Facebook page.

So who is Jake? I don’t want to spoil the surprise by giving everything away, but he’s a 21-year-old film student at Murdoch whom decided to start getting coffee with strangers. Genius or psycho? Still undecided.

Coffee With Jake “was originally an in-joke in one of my group projects as a way to spread awareness on a subject. We created #MeetJake as a fake campaign slogan, which turned into #haveacoffeewithJake and I decided to keep expanding on the joke by making a Facebook page and accepting appointments with people. It has kinda exploded since then and everyone is always finding new ways to spread the service”.

So what have you got to lose? A fraction of your 24 hour day? A few dollars on coffee? Nothing compared to an opportunity that might not last forever. There’s no time like the present, so take the next steps and book an appointment!

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