MSLS Cocktail Party

By Sean Ayres

Despite frequent allegations of ‘not existing’ levelled at the Murdoch social scene, the Murdoch Student Law Society takes pride in putting on some great events throughout the year. The MSLS Cocktail Party is one of the society’s flagship events, consistently drawing large crowds of law students and non-law students alike.

This year the night was held at The Barn in the Perth City Farm in East Perth. The venue is a mix of large indoor space, used as a dancefloor, a bar area and entrance room, and a relaxed courtyard outside, for the use of smokers or those just looking for somewhere a bit more quiet.

MSLS cocktail party.jpg

Tickets ($65 for members and $75 for non-members) included a 5 hour drinks package, only limited by responsible service of alcohol. Nibbles in the form of snack foods and condiments were provided on a grazing table. The event also featured a DJ playing throughout the night, a professional photographer and a photo booth.

Bar staff worked through the evening making Strawberry Daiquiris, Fruit Tingles, Sex on the Beach, and more. Whilst some cocktail nights take criticism for running out of cocktails, or not having any actual cocktails, only beers and wine, the MSLS cocktail night didn’t disappoint, with the bar serving through the night. The cocktails weren’t just free-flowing but also decent quality. They pulled off the tricky balance of managing to taste good while still packing the punch that university students need to forget about looming exams and past assignments.

In a time coming up to major assignments being due, the event was a welcome opportunity for students to let their hair down and have an enjoyable night. A raucous time was had by all, with the night successfully bringing together law students across year groups.

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