Revenge of the Potterheads



What better way is there for Potterheads to nerd out on campus other than to join the Mandrakes Quidditch Team or the Hogwarts Alumni?

Quidditch is a chaotic blend of rugby, dodgeball, tag and basketball, based off of JK Rowling’s fantasy flying sport of the wizarding world. As a mixed gendered, all-inclusive social sports team the Mandrakes take new recruits all year around. There are no requirements for players to be Potter fans nor athletically inclined so long as they have an enthusiasm to make new friends and try out new things. The Murdoch Mandrakes do weekly training on the Lower Bushcourt every Wednesday evening from 4 to 6 pm and have monthly matches against the Curtin Chimeras and ECU Centaurs.

The Hogwarts Alumni is a social club for witches, wizards, squibs, and muggles to make new friends. The club runs weekly Hagrid’s Tea Parties every Tuesday from 5 to 7 pm where members can catch up, drink tea and eat cake while discussing the twelve different uses of dragon’s blood, or Urg the Unclean’s influence in the 18th-century goblin rebellion. Members get sorted into their preferred Hogwarts houses and participate against each other in the monthly events like the Triwizard Tournament and the Harry Potter Quiz.

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