18 million mute Australians achieve political representation off the back of a One Nation Facebook page with three followers

By Sarah Smit

In breaking news today, it has been revealed that at least 16 million entirely mute Australians are hanging out at Pauline Hanson's place.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.16.52 pm.png

One Nation at Murdoch, a local university club Facebook page with three followers, broke the news that a silent majority of the Australian are standing with Pauline.

It is unclear at this stage whether they're just hanging out having a smoke on the back porch, or are waiting for something.

'Lefites' [sic] such as libertarian Kyle Williams and 'Sean' Ayres have raised possible explanations for the unlikely gathering.

'Maybe she has no chairs? Seems rude to invite all those people over then not let them sit down.'

'They may have mopped themselves into a corner. If you could walk away from that situation without ruining a perfectly clean floor, why would you hang out with a racist ex-con?'

The admin of the page has not provided an explanation for the spatially complicated situation, stating only that they are the voice for the silent majority, who are apparently very pre-occupied with cuckolding.

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