Depression Runs Rampant in Absence of End of Semester Party

By Sean Ayres

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John Smith, an Arts student majoring in Journalism and Sound, was left in a depressed state as he huddled at home studying on Friday night.

Through his entire four year long university career, John has used end of semester partying to keep his sanity during the exam period. Like many university students, John suffers from a plethora of mental issues, stemming from a chronic habit of leaving study and assignments up to the last minute.

“Everyone needs their vice and mine is end of semester partying. I just can’t focus on exam study without it!”

John was in a for rude awakening this year however, with no party at the Tavern organised by the Murdoch Guild.

“At first I was hopeful that they would just announce it late but when Friday rolled around and the only event on Friday night was MUEnSA’s Pizza Night… I knew the worst had happened”

This absence of partying is in contrast to last year when the Tavern co-hosted a party with Murdoch Entertainment, Murdoch’s student-run radio, where there were $5 drink specials and a host of artists performing. It’s also separate from 2016, where ‘MUDROCK’ at the Tavern boasted a rather dangerous price of $7 for Mercury ciders and performing DJ’s.

A quick squiz at the Guild Tavern’s Facebook page indicates that there has been a Mudrock or other end of semester party for at least every year since 2010.

John claims that the only way that he got over this issue was to shut himself inside, pull out a bottle of cheap red and cry and drink himself to sleep.

When asked whether he'd like the guild to bring back parties in Semester 1, John became confused.

“What’s the Guild?”

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